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Addiction treatment is more than just eliminating substance dependence, it’s about getting to the root of why your child is engaging in addictive behavior. ReBoot is unlike other rehab facilities in Utah. We offer a youth inpatient rehabilitation program that employs physical, emotional and cognitive therapies to help your child eliminate addictions and thrive.

Reboot Center Youth Rehab

Surviving Is Not Enough

We employ a groundbreaking proprietary approach that represents a quantum leap in rehabilitation. By creating a safe place with knowledgeable and caring staff, we transform your child through our proprietary combination of proven therapies together with key members of the family. In our juvenile drug rehab center in Utah, they learn to deeply connect again with parents and siblings and reshape their ability to confront future tragedies they and those around them will experience. Most importantly, we facilitate the development of positive and healthy individuals as part of a healthy family unit who will become the future family, business, civic, and community leaders and influencers.

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ReBoot Succeeds Where Others Fail

ReBoot was created to see the whole person; mind, body and spirit and the complete family dynamic. Statistically speaking, current programs do very little to help our children actually overcome addiction as they focus mostly on the mind with cognitive therapies. Most struggling youth remain largely incapable of healing family relationships and moving forward in healthy ways because they still suffer from the physical ties and emotional issues that feed addictive behaviors by only being distracted for a time and learning basic coping skills.

By focusing on the body as the lever to open the mind and access their actual emotions, the ReBoot protocols can get to the true underlying issues, bypassing a child’s ability to manipulate their caregivers with cognitive falsehoods. Basically, we get them so focused physically and mentally with the right blend of proven therapies, they rarely have enough cognitive resistance to lie and manipulate. This process is experienced with key members of their family so the youth at ReBoot get a chance at a positive relationship with healthy communication and a deeper connection with parents and siblings.

Many teen rehab centers struggle with curbing relapse rates. Traditional “self-help” rehabilitation approaches aren’t effective and lack critical post-treatment therapy. ReBoot’s teenage drug treatment center in Utah addresses these insufficiencies through a four-phase program. This method not only eliminates substance dependence, but also prepares your child to re-enter society without falling back into their old, destructive ways.


Our Program

ReBoot offers a four-phase program that targets the mind, body and spirit, as well as the child’s relationship with their family. In our inpatient rehab program for teens, your child will undergo a four-phase consisting of (1) an intense six week course to address physical dependence, (2) cognitive behavioral therapy, (3) family counseling and (4) after-rehab therapy.

Reboot Center Phase I: Re-Identify

Phase I: Re•Identify

Optimal Self Identity Training

Based on 200 years of proven Armed Forces principles, we reset your child’s cognitive defiance and unhealthy identity previously wrapped up in electronics, peers, biases, arrogance, and low self-esteem to create a strong individual with high self-worth and positive social skills

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Reboot Center Phase II: Re-Connect

Phase II: Re•Connect


Whole person treatment plans with exclusive components of therapy, which include neuro-psychological evaluations, brain scans, IQ testing, and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as on-site schooling and integral family therapy.

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Reboot Center Phase III: Re-Discover

Phase III: Re•Discover

Inter-Dependent Service

Veteran-chaperoned service trip designed both to engage youth compassionately and help heal the eects of a Veteran’s PTSD. Together they help children and families in third world countries gaining gratitude for what they have at home.

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Reboot Center Phase IV: Re-Purpose

Phase IV: Re•Purpose

Pilot Program

First exclusive after-care Transitional Family Environment program for youth who do not have healthy environment to return to. Licensed and vetted families care for and mentor youth with this additional need (Optional).

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