Wendel Smith is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience. He has started and run several successful businesses and currently serves as the owner and CEO of a thriving automotive support company. Despite his flair for business, Wendel’s first passion is the healing arts, with special emphasis on the mind-body connection. A naturally gifted empathic healer, he studied massage therapy with a heavy focus on Dr. John Upledger’s Craniosacral therapy. He ran a massage therapy school and an alternative health clinic that helped everyone from infants to the elderly with physical issues and emotional blocks. Many past clients still call on him for these services and refer friends and family to his care.
Sought after for his business acumen, team building skills, and compassionate leadership, Wendel has been asked to manage, develop, and run several other businesses ranging from nonprofits, an industry trade association, direct sales marketing teams, and three different alternative energy companies.
He has served in multiple capacities throughout the years in many different companies in a broad range of industries, but the cause dearest to him has been working with youth in Utah State Foster Care. Wendel and his wife have fostered fourteen children, adopted four of them and are well-known advocates and mentors in the foster-to-adopt program. He and his wife served on the board of the Adoption Exchange from 2001 – 2011, assisting in fundraising for foster/adoption placements in the western United States. They also recently began consulting with the leadership of the Utah State Transition to Adult Living program to help youth ageing out of the foster care system develop life skills for a brighter future.
Wendel co-founded ReBoot because he saw the destructive power of addiction among members of his own family first-hand. Through several painful experiences, including failed rehab programs and substandard therapy, Wendel has gained tremendous insight into what does and does not work in rehabilitation and recovery. His passion, his focus, and his whole heart are now centered on the ReBoot program and its ability to make a powerful change not only in the United States but around the globe.