Marcello Surjopolos is an entrepreneur who has started and run dozens of companies. He was appointed under the Governor of Utah to be the Director of Entrepreneur Development for the state. He is also an emergency preparedness and survival expert and speaks on main stages at some of the largest conferences on that subject. Marcello led one of the largest youth camp programs in the world (with over 55,000 youth per year) and helped hire, train, and motivate hundreds of counselors while teaching and leading the youth himself.
Marcello understands the difficulties youth face today, including abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide. Coming from challenging circumstances as a young man himself, he believes in the human ability to change and overcome, no matter how great the opposition. And because he has experienced the trials and triumphs that life offers, he has a keen desire to help others who struggle without the knowledge and power to free themselves from bondage.