Amberlee Smith began as an Early Childhood Education major and is now in an accelerated Masters Program in Psychology, focused on Clinical and Mental Health. During her break in her education, she and her husband have fostered fourteen children and youth in State care and adopted their four children from among those that they fostered. From 2001 to 2011, Amberlee and her husband served on the Adoption Exchange board. She was integral in shifting the fundraising process at The Adoption Exchange from a cost-heavy program to being nearly 100% profitable through creating supportive relationships that shouldered all of the costs of event venues, entertainment and catering – another successful venture in her life. Amberlee has experience with youth treatment centers and brings an understanding of current treatment programs and their need for evolution. She has also been an advocate for Foster Care for many years, teaching part of the foster-to-adopt program to prospective foster parents going through their certification process. Her broad experience in Foster Care, childhood education and psychology make her a invaluable advisor.