A highly experienced and tenacious Project Manager, Mercedes has streamlined organizational processes for companies like MX, Jarvis Ventures, Groupon, and eBay. As a creative and skilled executive, she excels at systemizing communication, optimizing workflows, and increasing efficiency of a company’s overall processes and progress. However, being a daughter of a Special Forces veteran, her life experiences make her more than an organizational expert. A former SF Commander, Mercedes’ father engrained in her abilities to handle all obstacles life would have to offer, including being a single mother for four years. With no financial support, Mercedes rose steadily in her career, courageously exemplifying self-reliance and independence to her children.
Growing up in Germany, she watched her cousin struggle with drug addiction and the strain it put on his family as they invested thousands into therapy and rehabilitation – never seeing any long-term results. This and losing her uncle when she was seventeen to an overdose has taught her how to be genuinely empathetic with those in the throws of mental health crises. Being a part of a loving and close-knit family, she understands the depths of its effects and strives to infuse this understanding in all her contributions to the ReBoot mission. Miss Evans’ heart and soul, as well as logically-minded work ethic and military-like commitment, is sure to propel ReBoot to its fullest potential.