The Crisis

Addiction amongst our citizens in the United States is at an all-time high! Nearly half of all Americans have a family member who suffers from addiction. Independent studies show that up to one-third of our adolescent children have admitted to habitually using drugs to cope with life. In addition to illegal drugs and alcohol, our loved ones are becoming addicted to prescription drugs like opioids and methamphetamines.

All these addictions lead to the same things: a downward spiral that can include guilt, shame, poor performance at school and work, lack of motivation and ambition, crime, violence, anxiety, depression. and even suicide.

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ReBoot Succeeds Where Others Fail

ReBoot was created to see the whole person; mind, body and spirit and the complete family dynamic. Statistically speaking, current programs do very little to help people actually overcome addiction as they typically focus mostly on the mind with cognitive therapies. Most struggling persons remain largely incapable of healing family relationships and moving forward in healthy ways because they still suffer from the neural damage, physical ties and emotional issues that feed addictive behaviors by only being distracted for a time and learning basic coping skills.

By focusing on the body as the lever to open the mind, heal the brain and access their actual emotions, the ReBoot protocols can get to the true underlying issues, bypassing a person’s ability to manipulate their caregivers with cognitive falsehoods. Basically, we get them so focused physically and mentally with the right blend of proven modalities, they rarely have enough cognitive resistance to lie and manipulate. This process is experienced with key members of their family so clients at ReBoot get a chance at a positive relationship with healthy communication and a deeper connection with spouses, parents and siblings.

In addition, we use patented, scientifically proven methods to see the damaged areas and heal the seat of the addiction, the brain. Now behaviors can be addressed and directed in a positive way without the physiological components of addiction.


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